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Sound Bath Meditations

Immerse yourself in the soothing symphony of sound at The Full Spectrum Centre Limited's Sound Bath Meditations 🎵

Sound Bath Meditation is a unique and powerful way to achieve profound states of relaxation. Suitable for all levels of experience they are perfect for anyone seeking an effective way to alleviate stress, anxiety, and to achieve a deep state of relaxation.

Our Sound Bath Meditations offer a restorative, refreshing, and deep healing and transformative experience that transcends the ordinary, connecting you to the ancient practice of sound healing.

In our modern world, it's easy to disconnect from our inner selves, becoming overwhelmed by the constant noise and stress of everyday life. Sound Bath Meditation provides a sanctuary from this chaos, a space where you can realign your energy, tap into your inner tranquility, and stimulate your body's natural healing processes.

Emerge feeling rejuvenated, peaceful, and deeply connected to your inner essence. Soothe your senses, harmonise your energy, and immerse yourself in this powerful sonic journey of healing and transformation.

Our Approach

During these sessions, we use a collection of powerful sound healing instruments including Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, and crystal singing bowls. The melodic sounds generated by these instruments create a therapeutic soundscape that envelops you, guiding your mind and body towards a state of deep relaxation and meditative awareness.

Each unique frequency and vibration interacts with your body's energy fields, positively influencing your nervous system, reducing stress response, and promoting peace and wellbeing. Many participants experience a profound sense of tranquillity, mental clarity, and a heightened state of consciousness during and after the session.

At each Sound Bath Meditation, you will be invited to rest comfortably seated in a supportive chair where you'll be enveloped in a 'bath' of sound waves and vibrations. These resonate deeply within, initiating a state of profound relaxation, healing, and meditation.. As you allow the symphony of sound to permeate your being, you will be carried away into a deep meditative state where healing and transformation can occur.

At The Full Spectrum Centre Limited, we're passionate about your wellbeing and we strive to ensure each Sound Bath Meditation is a restorative, profound, and unique experience. In our serene setting, you'll find a community that nurtures, supports, and embarks on this healing journey with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sound Bath Meditation?

Sound Bath Meditation is a form of meditation and relaxation therapy where participants are "bathed" in sound waves produced by various sources, most commonly Himalayan or crystal singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and sometimes other instruments like chimes or bells. The term "bath" refers to being completely surrounded by, and immersed in, sound and its vibrations.

The purpose of a Sound Bath Meditation is to induce relaxation and to invite deep rest and rejuvenation. It encourages a state of meditation and connectedness, allowing stress to be released and tension to be drained away. The frequencies produced by the instruments used in a Sound Bath are thought to stimulate alpha and theta brain wave frequencies, which are associated with deep meditative and peaceful states.

What can I expect during a Sound Bath Meditation session?

During a session, participants often lie down on mats with blankets and pillows or sit comfortably in chairs, close their eyes, and let the sounds wash over them. The practitioner plays the instruments in a certain way to create a landscape of sound that is relaxing and soothing.

The sounds and vibrations are intended to engage the relaxation response and reduce the stress response, calming the mind, slowing the breathing, and creating a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Sound Bath Meditations can be a powerful experience, but it's important to note that reactions can vary greatly depending on the individual. Some people might feel a deep sense of relaxation and calm, while others might have more emotional reactions.

Do I need to have experience with meditation to participate in a Sound Bath Meditation?

No, you do not need to have experience with meditation to participate in a Sound Bath Meditation. Sound Baths are often very accessible to beginners because they don't require active concentration or the ability to clear your mind, which are common challenges for those new to meditation.

During a Sound Bath, you simply need to make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and allow the sounds and vibrations to wash over you. The sounds produced by the instruments guide your brain into relaxed and meditative states, helping to promote a sense of peace and wellbeing.

It's always a good idea to communicate with the Sound Bath practitioner prior to the session if you're new to the practice. They can provide guidance and make sure you're comfortable with the process.

What is the cost of a Sound Bath Meditation session?

The cost of a sound bath meditation here at The Full Spectrum Centre Limited is £10.

How frequently should I attend Sound Bath Meditation sessions?

The frequency of attending Sound Bath Meditation sessions can vary widely from person to person, depending on individual preferences, needs, and lifestyle.

For some, attending a Sound Bath Meditation once a week may be beneficial, while others might prefer to attend less frequently, such as once or twice a month. There are also those who might choose to attend these sessions more frequently, especially during periods of high stress or change.

The important thing is to listen to your body and do what feels right for you. Some people might find immediate benefits, while others might notice more gradual changes over time. It's also perfectly fine to attend Sound Bath Meditations as an occasional treat or as part of a self-care routine.

Remember, like any form of therapy or relaxation technique, the key is regular and consistent practice. While a single session can be beneficial, you're likely to see more significant benefits over time if you make it a regular part of your routine.

How does a Sound Bath Meditation work?

Sound Bath Meditation is based on the principle of "resonance" and "entrainment." Resonance is the vibrational frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Each part of our bodies has its own natural resonance, and vibrational medicine theorises that dis-ease is a result of natural resonances getting out of tune, whether due to stress, illness, or environmental factors.

In a Sound Bath Meditation, the practitioner uses various instruments like singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and sometimes others like chimes or bells, each of which produces different frequencies. The sound waves from these instruments are believed to interact with the frequency of the body's energy centers, or chakras, helping them to realign and retune.

Entrainment is a principle of physics which describes how the rhythm of our brainwaves can synchronise with the rhythm of the sounds around us. When the brainwave state is guided to a rhythm corresponding to a state of deep relaxation, it can enable a person to reach a deeper state of meditation and relaxation more easily.

What are the benefits of Sound Bath Meditation?

Sound Bath Meditation, like other forms of meditation, can offer a range of potential benefits, especially when it comes to promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Here are some benefits often associated with Sound Bath Meditations:

Relaxation and Stress Reduction: The immersive experience of a Sound Bath can help induce deep relaxation and reduce stress levels. The sounds and vibrations can help shift the brain into lower frequency states (like alpha and theta states) which are associated with deep relaxation and meditation.

Improved Sleep: The relaxing effects of a Sound Bath can contribute to improved sleep quality. Many participants report feeling more rested and having better sleep after attending Sound Bath Meditations.

Enhanced Wellbeing: Participants often report an enhanced sense of wellbeing after a Sound Bath, with feelings of peace, clarity, and rejuvenation.Emotional Release: The experience can sometimes lead to emotional release, helping to ease feelings of anxiety, depression, or emotional stress.

Mindfulness and Focus: Like other forms of meditation, Sound Baths can help train your mind to focus on the present moment, fostering a sense of mindfulness that can extend beyond the session.

Increased Creativity: Some participants report feeling more creative after Sound Bath sessions, possibly due to the practice's ability to calm the mind and stimulate different brain states.

Physical Pain Relief: Some people find that the vibrations from the sound can help alleviate certain types of physical pain, although more research is needed in this area.

It's important to note that individual experiences with Sound Bath Meditations can vary greatly, and what one person finds beneficial, another might not. Also, while Sound Baths can complement traditional medical and psychological treatments, they are not a substitute for conventional care, especially for serious medical conditions.

What instruments are used during a Sound Bath Meditation?

Sound Bath Meditation typically involves several different types of instruments, each chosen for its unique sound and vibrational quality. Here are some of the most common instruments you might encounter during a Sound Bath Meditation:

Singing Bowls: Both Himalayan (also known as Tibetan) and crystal singing bowls are commonly used. These bowls produce resonant tones and overtones when struck or played around the rim.

Gongs: These large, flat metal discs produce deep, resonating sounds that can create a sense of enveloping vibration.

Tuning Forks: These can be used to produce precise tones, often associated with specific frequencies believed to correspond to various parts of the body or energy centers.

Bells or Chimes: These can produce light, sharp sounds that add layers to the soundscape.

Drums: Some sound baths may include gentle, rhythmic drumming.

Wind Instruments: These may include flutes, didgeridoos, or other types of wind instruments.Voice:

Some practitioners may also incorporate their voice through techniques such as overtone singing, chanting, or toning.

Remember that every Sound Bath Meditation can be unique, with the practitioner choosing instruments based on their own training, intuition, and the needs of the group or individual. The purpose of these instruments is to create a rich landscape of sound that can guide you into deep states of relaxation and meditation.

Are there any contraindications to Sound Bath Meditation?

Sound Bath Meditation is generally considered safe for most people, but there are a few circumstances where caution might be necessary:

Sound Sensitivity: Some people are particularly sensitive to sound. This can include individuals with conditions like migraines, Meniere's disease, tinnitus, or certain types of autism. If you're sensitive to sound, a Sound Bath Meditation might be overwhelming or uncomfortable.

Certain Mental Health Conditions: For some people with mental health conditions like PTSD or severe anxiety, the deep relaxation state induced by a Sound Bath can bring up intense emotions or memories. Always consult with your mental health professional before starting any new form of therapy.

Pregnancy: While many pregnant people safely participate in and enjoy Sound Baths, it's always best to check with your healthcare provider first, especially if you're in your first trimester or have a high-risk pregnancy. Make sure to also inform the Sound Bath practitioner about your pregnancy.

Medical Devices: If you have a pacemaker or other implanted medical device, it may be wise to consult your doctor before participating in a Sound Bath Meditation.

Remember, these are general considerations and may not apply to everyone. If you're ever in doubt, it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider. It's also important to inform the Sound Bath practitioner of any health conditions prior to your session so that they can adjust the experience for your needs and comfort.

Can I attend a Sound Bath Meditation session remotely or online?

Yes, many practitioners offer Sound Bath Meditation sessions remotely, particularly in response to the increased need for virtual wellness services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These remote sessions can be facilitated through live-streaming platforms, video calls, or pre-recorded sessions, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own home. Some practitioners also offer sound recordings for download or streaming, which you can listen to at your convenience.

Keep in mind that the experience of a virtual Sound Bath may be slightly different from an in-person session due to the limitations of audio technology and the absence of physical presence. However, many participants still find online Sound Baths to be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Here at The Full Spectrum Centre Limited we have our specially recored Full Spectrum Journey Through the Chakras™ Digital Sound Bath subscription service.

Full Spectrum Sound Bath Meditation

This immersive, vibrational experience of pure sound is an opportunity to connect deeply with yourself, facilitated through the resonant power of sacred sound instruments.

Our sound bath features an array of instruments, including drums, thunder drums, quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, body pipes, chimes, rain sticks, rattles, kalimbas, the hulusi, tambourines, tuning forks, and the ocarina. Each instrument has been carefully selected for its unique vibrational quality, creating an orchestration of healing frequencies for your body and mind. Our full spectrum sound bath meditation is not merely an auditory experience, it's a full body and mind immersion. Our Full Spectrum Sound Bath Meditation class takes place fortnightly, aiming to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and promote deep relaxation, as well as a restful sleep. The serene, rhythmic sounds serve as a potent form of sound therapy, encouraging emotional release and mental clarity.

Price £12 per session

sound bath meditation
chakra sound bath

Chakra Sound Bath Meditation

Our Chakra Sound Bath Meditation is an experience that goes beyond sound, guiding you on a meditative journey through the body's energy centers, or chakras. This unique session integrates the use of sacred chakra sound instruments, including chakra crystal singing bowls, chakra chimes, chakra tuning forks, and chakra body tuners.


You will be 'bathed' in sound waves and vibrations from various chakra-tuned instruments. These targeted frequencies work to cleanse, balance, and harmonise the chakras, immersing you in a deeply relaxing and healing meditative state. Chakra sound bath meditation serves as a powerful tool for bringing the mind and body into harmony, aiding in achieving calmness and centeredness. It's a gateway to silence racing thoughts, ease anxiety, and let go of physical tension. It further enhances this by focusing on the energy centers, facilitating a balance between your physical and mental well-being, all while being centered on your breath. Our Chakra Sound Bath Meditation takes place fortnightly, aiming to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and promote deep relaxation and a restful sleep. It serves as a potent form of sound therapy, offering a unique approach to personal wellness and self-discovery.

Price £12 per session

Full Spectrum Journey Through the Chakras™ Digital Sound Bath

A revolutionary approach to sound bath meditation, our Full Spectrum Journey Through the Chakras™ Digital Sound Bath is designed for the modern-day wellness enthusiast. This digital session delivered on Zoom is an immersive vibrational meditation experience that brings the magic and healing power of sound bath to the comfort of your own home.

It has been professionally created, designed, and recorded in partnership with the incredibly talented team of Alex and Jack at 344 Audio. It takes you on an acoustic journey through the seven primary chakras, employing frequencies, vibrations, and binaural beats tailored to cleanse, harmonise, and balance your energy centers. Expect an amazing symphony of sounds from various instruments including binaural beats, chimes, Shamanic drums, Bolon (African string instrument), guitar, singing bowls, flute, and gamelan (a traditional instrumental ensemble from Java and Bali), coupled with scales, choral, and expressive chant vocals. The resulting meditative experience is deeply relaxing and healing.

Price £12 per session

Sonic Journey Through The Chakras Meditation Membership

Our Sonic Sound Bath Meditation Membership takes you on a journey through the seven chakras, using the power of sound bath meditation to soothe, balance, and energise your spirit. The goal is not just relaxation (though that's a fantastic side effect!) but to help you build mental clarity, enhance focus, increase creativity, and ultimately manage stress.

This unique membership offers a deep dive into sound meditation and chakra balancing, two powerful modalities known for their potential to restore balance and harmony. Experience how these therapies can help alleviate stress, boost your energy levels, and bring about deep inner peace. The Full Spectrum Journey Through the Chakra Sound Bath Meditation sessions are designed to resonate with your chakras, helping you release blocked energies, enhance self-awareness and embrace a more fulfilling, balanced life. They bring about a state of total relaxation and wellbeing.
Discover how sound frequencies can influence your energetic body, balance your chakras, and inspire spiritual awakening. Experience relief from energetic blockages and stagnant energies, bringing about a newfound inner peace and deeper spiritual awareness.

£15 per month or £135 per year

Supporting your self-care and wellness journey and inspiring you to live a healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyle, naturally.

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Supporting your self-care and wellness journey and inspiring you to live a healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyle, naturally.


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Sound Bath Meditation Attendee

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